Zachary Wallace was a gift from heaven from the moment he was born. His infectious laughter and bright smile lit up the lives of his parents, Don and Natalie, and everyone who knew him. Despite his struggles with an unknown rare blood disease, which caused blindness and paralysis, Zachary’s happiness never wavered. He faced every challenge with bravery and resilience, whether it was grueling physical therapy or being poked & prodded at the hospital, his parents marveled at his strength.

As Zachary grew older, his parents noticed that he had a natural gift for bringing people together. His sunny personality drew friends and family from far and wide, and he never failed to make them laugh and smile. His parents were proud of the impact their little boy was making on the world, even at such a young age.

But tragically, Zachary’s disease proved too much for his small body to handle. In 2005, just three days after his fourth birthday, he passed away. His parents were devastated by the loss of their beloved son, but they knew they had to keep his memory alive.


In honor of Zachary’s life and his legacy of bringing happiness to others, Don and Natalie founded The Zachary Wallace Fund. The non-profit organization provides assistance and support to children dealing with rare diseases and other health challenges, just as Zachary had faced during his short life. The fund is a way for his parents to ensure that their son’s name is never forgotten, and that his spirit of joy and resilience lives on.
The Zachary Wallace Fund quickly became a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges to those that Zachary had faced. Parents and children alike were inspired by Zachary’s bravery and optimism, and the fund’s support brought much-needed relief to families in need.

Despite the passing of time, Zachary’s parents still carry the weight of their loss. However, they find solace in knowing that Zachary’s life has left a lasting impact on the world and that his legacy continues to make a difference in the lives of others. During quiet moments, memories of Zachary’s infectious laughter and beaming smile bring comfort and gratitude for the joy he brought during his too-short time on earth.