The Zachary G. Wallace Fund

The Zachary G. Wallace Fund is dedicated to the memory of four year old Zachary Wallace, who died in January 2005 after suffering from an undiagnosed blood and immunological disease. His illness caused a spinal cord injury which resulted in extensive physical damage when he was two years old, included paralysis from the waist down and blindness. He fought for two years to walk again and did so through daily physical and occupational therapy.

It is in his memory that the Zachary Wallace Fund works to provide assistance to other families with children who have suffered physical injury or disability due to unknown or rare diseases. Funds raised will go towards therapy equipment, like walkers and wheelchairs, or medical equipment needed to monitor an illness. The Fund strives to make recovery or endurance of illness less stressful to families who need extra financial support.

His four years on earth were more empowering, inspirational and blessed than many people ever experience in a lifetime. We hope to keep his memory alive and his spirit an inspirational to others.

Parents Natalie (Thorpe) Wallace and Don Wallace believe that the Zachary Wallace Fund does so much good for children and families in their community. Lifelong residents of Montgomery Township, PA, they rely on local businesses, neighbors, friends and family to help raise the much needed money that is given in Zach’s memory. 

Save the date for the 12th Annual Zachary Wallace Fund Golf Outing. For more details, go to our Golf Outing page.