Helping special children with special needs.


The Zachary Wallace Fund is dedicated to the memory of our four year old son, Zachary Wallace. His illness caused extensive physical damage when he was two years old, included paralysis from the waist down and blindness. He fought for two years to walk again and did so through daily physical and occupational therapy. He gained a lot of vision back with the help of Overbrook School the Blind.
His death was sudden and unexpected. He had made so much progress and had even begun preschool when this mysterious illness took his life. It was the many doctors, nurses and therapists who helped Zachary walk and see again. Our family was fortunate to have good insurance that assisted in his many medical needs.
It is in his memory that the Zachary Wallace Fund works to provide assistance to other families with children who have suffered physical injury or disability due to illness or rare diseases. Funds raised will go towards physical therapy equipment, like walkers, wheelchairs, ramps, medical equipment and adaptive toys or equipment to help children thrive. Monies will also go to families with children in the hospital for long periods of time. It is our hope that the recovery or endurance of illness become less stressful to families who need extra financial support.

Do you know a child in need?

Please e-mail us if you are in need. Tell us about your monetary need and a little bit about your child. All requests should have a letter from a doctor, social worker, or one of your child's specialists. You can contact us at