(The Times Herald) UPPER MERION - September 15, 2014 -- A healthy baby.

It’s a parents’ true wish during pregnancy and the only thing they really want.

Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s healthy.

The wish doesn’t end after a healthy baby arrives. It stays, as a constant request, prayer, or plea — “Please let my child be safe and healthy.”
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(Action News) NORRISTOWN, Pa. - February 4, 2012 (WPVI) -- It is a story of faith, courage and a lot of caring people joining with a popular restaurant to cook up a very special treat for a little boy with a debilitating disease that doesn't yet have a name...

...The Wallace family is praying and hoping medical research may someday find a cure. But for now, Benjamin and his family will settle for a little bit of joy and happiness planning to spend 7 days at Disney World in the month of May....more

Video of the mystery illness

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Imagine your child getting sick, so sick he can't walk or see. You take your child to the best hospitals in the world and even the doctors are puzzled as there is no medicine or operation, nothing that could make your child healthy again.

CBS 3’s Stephanie Abrams reports it is happening to the Wallace Family in Norristown and sadly it's not the first time they've had to face a medical mystery....more

NBC 10 News Medical Reporter Cherie Bank said it's heart-wrenching and compelling and makes you long to help.

Seeing Ben Wallace with his family is sadder yet, knowing he has the same genetic illness that took the life of his brother, Zach....more




Can She Save Her Son: People Magazine, December 2007

People Magazine Article - "Can She Save Her Son" by Wendy Grossman and Susan Schindehette, Photographs by Eugene Richards